Monday, August 31, 2015


 Jon stood behind his microphone and forced a smile. He was not a happy man. Fog and thunderstorms on the west coast had prevented them from leaving the day before as planned so instead of spending the previous night at home, he had to stay in the hotel, then fly directly to Montreal for the next show. To make matters worse, a storm in the New York area meant Brianna couldn't fly in this morning as scheduled. She promised to get there as soon as she could, but by the time he'd taken the stage she still wasn't there.

He missed his wife. Talking to her on the phone everyday just didn't cut it for him. He'd been looking forward to having her in his bed, in his arms...just near him. He'd discovered he very much like having his wife with him on the road. Being denied that set his temper on edge.

His bandmates knew what his problem was and found it highly amusing and teased him mercilessly. 

"Awww, what's the matter Boo-Boo? Are you homesick? Missing your ranger?" David needled.

"Or maybe just wishing for some home cooking." Richie grinned and waggled his eyebrows.

"Assholes!" Jon flipped them off. "You're just jealous."

Since neither of his tormentors could honestly argue that point, they shut up.

The staff weren't as brave and tread very carefully around the boss. Even Paul and Amanda were thinking twice before approaching him with anything that they thought might upset him.

Looking around at the crowd, every redhead caught his eye, but when none of them were the one he was looking for, his frustration grew. At one point, just as they were starting the encore, he even thought he saw her yellow suit out of the corner of his eye, but when he turned his head, it was gone.

With a last wave to the crowd, he stomped down the stairs from the stage, peeled off his shirt and grabbed the towel Amanda held out to him. He started toward his dressing room as he wiped his face. When the towel passed his eyes, he glimpsed his dressing room door closing.

He frowned. "What the fuck? Did someone just go into my dressing room?" He looked around at the security team. "Did you let someone into my dressing room?"

"Um...yes?" The young arena security guard flinched under the icy blue stink eye boring into him. "She had a pass. She said she was your wife."

That made Jon pause. "My wife? Are you sure?"

The guard swallowed nervously. "I think so. Red hair, gold eyes,..."

Jon didn't wait to hear the rest of the young man's description. He bolted for his dressing room.

"That's her." David assured the security guard. "You're off the hook. Better warn the drivers we'll be late leaving. He hasn't seen her in awhile."

The guard stared for a moment, then blushed and grinned. "Oh. Right. Okay."

Jon burst through the door and slammed it behind him, flicking the lock with one hand.

Brianna spun around from where she was closing up his stage wardrobe, her hand covering her heart. "Jesus Jon! You just about gave me a heart attack!"

"That's not all I'm going to give you."

The predatory look on his face as he stepped towards her, tossing aside his shirt and towel, had her instinctively backing up until her back hit the wall.

"You can't escape." He assured her. "You're mine!"

As he came closer, her eyes drifted over his bare chest, eating up the sight. When he was within reach she let her hands wander over his warm,firm flesh. "That works both ways sweetheart."

He framed her face with his hands. "Ah Golden Eyes, God I've missed you."

Her fingers flexed, digging into hard muscle and tugging on his fur as his mouth took possession of hers. She sighed at his familiar taste. "Mmmmm."

While Brianna lost herself in his kiss, Jon released her face and slid his hands down her torso. When his fingers found the buttons holding her suit jacket closed, he quickly undid them and spread the sides of her jacket wide. Like magnets to metal, his hands gravitated to her breasts, stroking and squeezing and pinching the hardening nipples through the lace.

"Mmmm." Her kiss turned more voracious with every touch, every pull. Her nails bit into his shoulders and her back arched, urging him closer.

Breaking the kiss, Jon trailed his mouth along her jaw, down her and upper chest. He kissed and licked the plump flesh rising above  delicate yellow lace. Lifting his head slightly, he fingered the lace. "This is new."

"Mmm hmm." Brianna grinned at his close attention to her lingerie. "I thought it was cheerful."

It was certainly cheering him up. "And is it a matching set?"

His hopeful tone was like a child looking for a treat. But he was no child, and the treat he was going to get wasn't the one he was asking for. She didn't think he'd be disappointed. "Yes...and no."

"What does that mean?"

"You'll have to figure it out."

While he thought about her cryptic comment, he noticed the clasp holding the bra together was between her breasts. With a quick flick of his fingers, the lace fell aside and with it all thoughts of riddles. Instead, his attention focused on the luscious flesh in front of him. Her perfume filled his nostrils and swirled through his head. With a low groan, he bent and set his mouth to her skin, kissing, tasting, nibbling, he devoured her.

Brianna gasped, her hands lifting to thread her fingers through his hair and hold him close. When his lips closed around an aching nipple and he suckled, she shuddered and cried out. "Yes! Harder baby. I need more!"

So did he. While his mouth feasted on her breasts, his hands slid down her sides, following her curves until he reached the bottom of her short skirt. The urgency riding him after weeks of separation had his hands fisting the material and yanking upwards. One thigh pushed between hers. The scent of her arousal took his control right to the edge. His chest heaved, his heart pounded, his cock pushed so hard against his zipper he was sure it would leave permanent marks. If he didn't get inside her in the next two minutes he was going to embarrass himself.

He yanked on his belt with one hand while the other slid between her thighs to make sure her little cries and moans meant she was as ready and eager as he was. When he reached his goal, his heart lurched and sweat trickled down his back. "Oh fuck."

Now he knew what her lingerie comment meant: it might be a matching set but she wasn't wearing the other half.

"That's the plan if you'd care to get on with it." She panted and tried to pull him closer. "It's been so long, Jon, don't make me wait any longer."

Jon blew out a ragged breath. "Yes dear." Dragging his fingers slowly away from her damp, swollen flesh, he shoved his pants down over his hips, stepped closer and gave her what she asked for.

"Yes!" Brianna gasped at the force of his entry. "Oh God, yes!"

"You feel so fucking good!" Jon rasped in her ear. "I...I can't be gentle."

"Don't want gentle." She bit his earlobe. "Fuck me Jon!"

He didn't have to be asked twice, and her words cut the last tether of his control. Pushing her harder against the wall, he lifted one of her knees to hook over his hip, opening her more and pounded into her.

Brianna clung to his shoulders and struggled to breathe. "Yes..yes..yes...yes." It was a whispered chant pushed out of her lungs with each hard thrust of his body into hers. 

Jon buried his nose in her neck, immersing himself in her scent, her heat, the feel of her skin, grounding himself in her, trying to sate the cravings that had been driving him crazy for the past few weeks. He wanted to drag it out, to make the incredible sensations last, but his deprived body wasn't in the mood to cooperate. When her body tightened around him, it was game over. "Fuck! Sugar, I'm gonna....."

Brianna was too lost in her own approaching detonation to speak - it was all she could do to breathe! "Oh! Oh! Ooooooh!"

They clung and shuddered against each other as their climaxes overtook them.

After a few minutes, Jon was finally able to withdraw from her body, kick out of his pants that were pooled at his feet and stumble over to a chair, pulling his wife with him. Brianna grabbed a towel to clean herself up with, then gave in to his urging and sat on his lap. He shifted her until her back was against his chest and they could see themselves in the mirror. She attempted to straighten her clothes, but his arms came around to stop and hold her.

"Wow." Still slightly breathless, he pressed a kiss to her temple.

"Yeah." She agreed. "Worth the wait."

Jon grunted. "When did you get here?"

"About halfway through the show."

"Why didn't you signal me that you were here? You knew I was anxious to see you."

"I didn't want to disrupt the show."

"You didn't watch?"

"Some. But not being able to touch you was driving me crazy, so I came back here." She admitted.

He grinned and let his fingers idly roam her torso. His eyes followed their path in the mirror. This was one of his favourite times: basking in the afterglow and talking quietly. "Were the kids okay with you leaving them with Mom and Dad?"

"Mmm hmm. Mostly. Romeo wanted to come with me, until your mom distracted him with cookies. When I took them to get their passports, Jake saw a Kung Fu Panda kids suitcase. He's been bugging me about it every day. Today he tried to bargain with me that if he was good while we're gone could he have the suitcase."

Jon snorted. "You mean you haven't bought it for him already?" He knew his wife was a bit of a pushover when his kids wanted something.

She shrugged. "Birthday present."

"You spoil them."

She shrugged again, lulled by his caressing fingers. "I love them."

He nodded. "And they love you." He kissed her temple again. "So do I."

Sighing, she grabbed his wandering hand and sat up. "Let's get going back to the hotel. It'll be more comfortable there and I'm sure the guys would like to get back too."

"I need a shower."

She eyed him. "Wait until we get back to the hotel."


"Because I need one too.....and I want to take my time."

The pointed look she gave him kicked his brain into gear and he grinned. "Oh. Okay."

Dressed, they had just finished packing up and were heading for the door, when somebody pounded on it from the other side. 

"Boo-Boo! We're growing old out here! Let your pic-a-nic basket up for air and lets go back to the hotel!"

Jon yanked open the door and glared at his keyboard player. "Don't get your panties in a twist Lemma. You'll still have time for your beauty rest.....or to find a beauty to rest with."

Amid the resulting snickers, Brianna frowned at their curly haired friend. "Why am I a picnic basket?"

"Because you provide him with sustenance and sate his hunger." His lips twitched. "And your prim exterior conceals such delectable goodies."

Brianna scowled, but before she could respond Richie strode down the hallway and with one quick move, hefted her over his shoulder. "Richie! What are you doing?"

"I want to go back to the hotel and taking you is the surest way to get Jon moving to the van."

"If this is the way you're all going to treat me maybe I should just stay home with the kids!" She threatened.

"NO!!"  Was the instant and unanimous response from band and staff.

She was outnumbered and overpowered  - and could barely suppress a grin.

Europe was busy, stressful, exciting.....and exhausting. Every travel day Brianna thanked God for private planes. It wasn't that the kids misbehaved, they were just....energetic. Brianna was run ragged finding ways to keep them occupied and entertained while still  getting her work done. When it came time to head home, everyone was tired, a little cranky and ready for a break.

They stumbled through the door and Brianna nearly tripped over luggage that had been dropped in the foyer. "Hey! A girl could break her neck here! Take your suitcases upstairs please and put your laundry in the hampers."

Groans echoed from various rooms.

"Come guys," Jon admonished his children, "you heard Bri, come get your stuff."

Jesse trudged in, grabbed his suitcase and started up the stairs. "What's for dinner?"

"Yeah, I'm hungry." Jake added as he followed his older brother.

It was Brianna's turn to groan. "You just ate on the plane! You guys must have hollow legs."

"We growing boys Bianna."

"Sorry, my bad." Brianna fought a smile. "Let me get the laundry going then I'll find you some food."

"I'll help you." Stephanie offered as she joined the procession up the stairs.

"Thanks." Brianna started to follow the kids. She glanced back to see Jon walking the other way. "Hey rockstar. Forget where you are? There's no bellhops here."

Grumbling, Jon glared at his wife, but reversed direction, swiped up his bag and followed his family.

Upstairs. Brianna gathered her laundry and Jon's, then headed for the boys' rooms to do the same. Adding Romeo's laundry to the pile, she stepped into Jake's room to find Stephanie already there unpacking his bag. "Oh. Thanks Steph."

"No problem."

"So now that we're home, tell me honestly. Is the tour plan working okay for you?"

Stephanie considered for a moment, then nodded. "Yeah. It's different, but being together in Europe was kind of fun. Tiring, but fun. I don't know how Dad has done it all these years."

"Me either." Brianna agreed.  "That was only my second tour over there and I know I couldn't do it for twenty plus years."

"If you can hold out as long as Dad does from now on you should be alright." Jesse commented from the doorway where he was adding his laundry to the pile.

"And how are you feeling about the tour plan now Jess?" Brianna asked, hoping he'd come to at least accept it.

He shrugged. "I can live with it. Europe was kind of fun. Besides, it's not like he tours every year."

"Good. We can reevaluate it next tour and see how everyone's feeling."

As they headed to the laundry room with overflowing baskets, Stephanie frowned. "Um...Bri?"

"Mmm?" Brianna was frowning now too. It wasn't like Stephanie to sound so tentative with her.

"Can we.....can we go to the cemetery tomorrow?"

"Sure. Is something wrong?"

"No." Stephanie assured her quickly. "I just want to visit. Maybe take some fresh flowers. I haven't been in awhile."

"Okay. We'll go after breakfast. How does that sound?"

"That's good."

At the cemetery, Brianna stayed in the car to give Stephanie some privacy.

Brushing twigs and leaves off of the gravestone, Stephanie knelt and arranged the flowers that they'd picked up at Dorothea's favourite florists on their way that morning. "Hi Mom. I know it's been awhile since I've been to visit. We've been away. Dad's on tour again and we're trying something different. I know you didn't like touring, but Bri does. She really loves her job. And she's really good at it. But she also loves us and wants to make sure we're happy and taken care of, so we've come up with a compromise. She stayed home during the west coast leg, went with him for the east coast shows and we all went to Europe. I think Paul and the crew were a little frazzled, but the uncles didn't seem to mind. I'm sure there were times when Dad would have preferred that we weren't there disrupting his routine, but he was a good sport - plus he was happy to have Bri with him."

She glanced over towards the car. "You were right about Bri, Mom. She's good for Dad - for all of us. She figures out what we need and makes sure we get it." She frowned. "She does so much for all of us. I think we need to try harder to make sure she's taken care of too. I'll have to remember to talk to Dad about that."

"Steph!" Brianna called from beside the car. "Your dad just called. He wants to know if you want to go to the beach."

Waving, Stephanie stood and brushed off her knees. "Gotta go Mom." She paused and looked down at the stone. "You know Mom, I think you were right about something else too. We will always love you and miss you, but we're going to be just fine."

The End


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