Saturday, November 29, 2014

Chapter 100

It was a quiet trip home. 

Brianna hadn't given Jon an answer to his question and it was frustrating him. "What's it going to take?"

"Time." She answered. "I just need some time to think this through with a clear head. This is a huge decision, Jon. Too important to be made quickly in a post coital fog."

He couldn't argue her point and he knew her well enough to know pushing her would get him nowhere.

When they pulled up in front of her apartment building, Brianna turned to look at him. "Are you coming up?"

"No. Linda will have brought the kids back by now. Mom's there, but I need to get home."

Leaning over, she fought a smile at his disgruntled expression . He looked just like Jake when he didn't get his way. "Don't pout." She kissed him. "Thank you for a lovely trip. I really enjoyed it."  She climbed out of the car and grabbed her bag out of the back. Pausing, she caught his eye. "I love you."

Jon sighed and nodded. "I love you too. I'll talk to you later."

"Give my love to the kids. Talk to you later."

Brianna stepped back and watched him drive away, wondering if she was doing the right thing.

"Of course you're doing the right thing." Rachel reassured her. "Moving in is a huge step and not one you want to rush into. Especially when there are kids involved. You want to make sure the relationship is good and solid with a high probability of long term success. "

"That's what I tried to explain to Jon! Sort of. You sound like an investment banker." After Jon had left, she had started to second guess herself and needed a more objective perspective. Since her mother didn't fit that description, she'd called her sister-in-law. 

"I guess when you live with one long enough, a few things rub off." Rachel chuckled. "But the logic is sound."

Brianna sighed. "I know and I agree with you. But I'm torn. I'm just not sure what's the right thing to do."

"Do you love each other?"


"Do you miss him when you're not together?"


"You've spent a lot time to together under the same roof. Do you get along when it comes to the day to day stuff?"


"So what's holding you back? Your father's reaction?"

"Believe it or not, no. He's not going to approve of anything that happens with Jon, and I can't worry about his opinion. I have to think about my happiness, not his."

"Good girl!" Rachel cheered. "So your biggest concern is what exactly? The effect on the kids' if you move in?"

"Yes." Brianna responded. "Despite what the oldest two have said, I'm not sure they're really ready to see me sharing their father's room. I can't help but wonder if it's too soon. And what happens if we can't make it work? How would that affect the kids?"

Rachel considered for a moment. "Has the word 'marriage' ever come up?"

"God no. I think it may be a long time yet before Jon's ready to take that step again."

"And are you willing to wait?"

"For now."

"For how long?"

"I don't know." Brianna paused. "And that's one of the reasons I'm not sure about moving in."

Jon pulled through the gates, parked and sighed. His romantic getaway had ended on a sour note. He should be happy and relaxed. Instead he was annoyed and agitated. As much as Brianna loved his kids and was comfortable in his house, he really hadn't anticipated her not immediately agreeing to move in. He hadn't been prepared for it, and didn't know how to react to it.

And the worst part was he couldn't argue with her. While he didn't agree her concerns were valid, she was looking out for the best interests of his children. He couldn't dispute her conjectures without looking like he was putting his needs before his kids'.

Copper barked at his window, jerking his mind back to his surroundings. "Okay, okay, I'm coming."

Grabbing his bag from the backseat, he trudged into the house.

"Daddy! Daddy! You home!" Romeo ran into the foyer and hugged his father's knees.

"Hey little man. Did you have a good time at Aunt Linda's?"

"Uh huh." Romeo nodded and looked around. "Where Bina?"

She's at home." He watched Romeo look up the stairs. "No, she's at her home in the city."

"Oh." Small shoulders slumped and he frowned. "When her tomin back dis home?"

Jon sighed. "I'm not sure. Probably in a few days."

Feeling as dejected as his son looked, Jon made his way to the kitchen. His mother looked up from the sink, took one look at his face and reached for a coffee mug.

"Hi." She filled the cup from the pot beside her and held it out to him. "How was your trip?"

"Fine." He sat down at the island.

Her brows rose. "Just fine? Did something happen? Was the lodge not very nice?"

"The lodge was nice. Big room, and the sleigh ride was pretty."

"Did Brianna come home with you?"

"No, she's in the city."

Hearing the disgruntled note in his voice, Carol eyed her oldest son knowingly. "Did you have a fight?"

"No." Jon scowled. "Not really."

"But you're not happy."

He grunted and sipped his coffee.

"So. You had a three day romantic getaway with your girlfriend, but instead of coming home relaxed and content, you're moody and unhappy. If you didn't have a fight, didn't get your way about something."

His scowl darkened. "Don't you need to get home?"

Carol laughed and winked at her granddaughter as she entered the room.

"Hey Dad, how was your trip?" Opening the fridge, she pulled out a soda.

"It was.....good." He ignored his mother's snicker.

"So? Is Brianna moving in?"

Carol's head snapped in Jon's direction.

"I don't know yet. I'm still working on it."

"Let us know if we can help convince her." Grabbing a cookie out of the jar, Stephanie left the room.

"Moving in together? Are you sure you're ready for that?" Carol asked carefully.

He nodded towards the doorway. "You heard her. Jesse mentioned it to me as well, and the little ones love her."

"Mmhmmm. Are you ready for that?" Carol sat down across the island. "Have you asked her?"

He nodded. "Yeah, but she hasn't given me an answer yet. Said she needed some time to think about it."

"Smart girl. That's a big step. You need to be sure. Don't do it just because you're lonely."

"I'm not a child Mom."

"No, but you have four that you need to look out for. Don't bring a woman - even Brianna - into this house on a full time basis unless you're prepared to make it permanent. Don't risk their happiness like that - or hers for that matter." She reached across to touch his hand. "Are you really ready for something permanent? For someone to fill Dorothea's role in your house? In your life? It's only been a year and a half. Are you ready to relegate Dorothea to the be memories and nothing more?"

She let her words sink in for a few moments. "If you are, if you're truly ready to move on, in your heart and mind, then by all means, move her in. But as your wife, not just your girlfriend."

Carol's words echoed in his head over the next few days. He was ready to move on with his life, with Brianna at his side.....wasn't he? What did his mother see that made her doubt that? Subconsciously he knew what that would mean in regards to Dorothea's place in his mind and heart, but now his mother was forcing him to face it head on.

He opened a drawer in his dresser to get a pair of socks and his gaze was drawn to the small box in the corner. Lifting it out, he sat on the end of the bed and took off the lid. He stared at the contents for a moment before pouring it into his hand. Was whatever his mother saw the reason Brianna was hesitant about moving in? Was he giving off some sort of signal that despite his assurances, he really wasn't ready?

He sighed and rolled the ring in his hand around his palm. He'd taken off his wedding ring, but kept it close. Was that wrong? Was he still hanging on to Dot without realizing it?

Suddenly he wasn't sure about anything anymore. He needed to talk to someone.

Parking his car, Jon took a deep breath and climbed out. Turning up the collar of his coat against the cold wind, he shoved his hands in his pockets and made his way over to the stone. "Hey Dotty. I need some help."

He bent and brushed snow off the ledge at the bottom of the stone and the small figurines someone had put there, while he debated his words. "You were right Dotty.....about Bri. I don't know why that should surprise me. You always knew me so well. She's beautiful, smart, considerate and loving.....everything you said she said she was."

He paused. "I love her Dot. I want her to move in with us. To create a family with us.'s only been a year and a half since we lost you, and I'm wondering if I'm moving too fast. I don't want to do anything that will diminish what you and I had, but.....we need to move on. I think we're ready. I'm lonely and the kids need a full time female influence."

He stared up at the grey sky. "Am I being selfish? I'll always love you Dotty, and I'll never forget you. I would give anything to have you here with me. But you're gone and the kids and I have to learn to live without you. I know you tried to pound that idea into my head, but I didn't want to hear it then. I get it now."

He reached out with one finger to stroke the angel sitting on the top of the stone. "Mom says that if I'm ready for something permanent, I should marry her instead of just moving her in. It would be more stable for the kids. Is that like a slap in your face so soon?"

Taking his other hand out of his pocket, he opened his fist to stare at his wedding ring. "I don't know the right thing to do. Help me Dotty."

A gust of wind blew the clouds apart enough to allow a small ray so sunshine to break through, bathing the ring in his hand. He could almost feel the metal warm and appear to shimmer. But maybe that was the tears in his eyes.

"Thanks Dotty. I love you."

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Chapter 99

A couple hours later, Jon decided that being awakened wasn't so bad if it was your lover's mouth on your swelling cock that pulled you from dreamland. But when he tried to reach down to touch her, he found his arms couldn't move. His eyes flew open and he tilted his head to look, only to find his wrists were tied to the head board.....with the same scarf he'd used on her. "What the fuck?"

Lifting her head, Brianna grinned and shifted upwards until she could reach his ear. "I warned you. What's good for the goose is good for the gander...remember?" She sucked on his earlobe for a few seconds then moved down his neck to nibble his Adam's apple.

He shuddered at the scrape of her teeth on his skin and tried to prepare for what she might have planned. If she was after payback, he had some torture in his immediate future.

Swallowing heavily, he tried to brace himself, a groan rumbling in his chest.

Brianna chuckled as she continued her downward path. "Was that a growl or a purr?"

"Frustrated anticipation."

"So...both then." She grinned and tangled her fingers in his thick fur while she licked his nipple.

His breath hissed through his teeth and his arms jerked reflexively.

"Hmmm. Interesting reaction." Sitting up, she straddled his waist and reached to one side. Amber eyes glinted as she raised her hands revealing the vibrators on her fingers. "Let's see how you respond to these."

Even knowing it was probably coming, Jon wasn't prepared for the jolt that surged through his body at the touch of the pulsating appliances on his nipples. "Jesus!"

Brianna lifted her hands, a smirk curving her lips. "Intense isn't it?" She shifted her hips against his twitching cock. "Feels like you liked it. Maybe we should she how you like it on some even more....sensitive.....flesh."

When she moved to lie between his legs, Jon closed his eyes and prayed for the strength to survive the sweet torture she was about to inflict upon him. He couldn't protest since he'd done the same thing to her, but his already primed body was like a lit fuse steadily heading towards detonation and he didn't know how long he could hold it off.

With his masculine flesh displayed before her, Brianna debated her strategy. She started by running her bare fingers over the sensitive flesh. Cupping his sac with one hand, she massaged gently, and stroked her thumb over the loose skin. Her other hand caressed his hard shaft. After a few minutes, she bent to kiss the swollen tip, then lifted her head.

The smirk twisting her lips was the only warning he got. Shockwaves stiffened his body at the touch of the vibrators. "Jesus!"

Brianna settled in to play. One vibrator explored his sac, circling each ball and grazing the super sensitive area underneath. The other one roamed up and down his cock, swirling around the tip and pausing just under the ridge. His back arched as shudders wracked his body. Whenever she sensed him on the verge of exploding, she lifted her fingers, letting him catch his breath, using her mouth to soothe his tortured flesh. When he'd calmed a little, she sent the vibrators roaming again. And again. And again.

"Fuck! Jesus! Fuck!" Shudders shook his body.

Glancing up, Brianna studied him while her tongue traced the slit in the throbbing tip. His eyes were squeezed shut, his face flushed and sweat covered, the muscles in his arms bulged as he fought to maintain control, his chest heaved as he struggled to breathe. "What do you want Blue Eyes? Tell me what you want me to do."

Slices of blue fire stared down at her. "Finish it!" He ground out. "Take me in your mouth and finish it!"

"Yes dear." Opening her mouth wide she did as she was bid. Swallowing about half his length, she placed one vibrator against the big vein at the bottom of his cock, and the other against the bare spot behind his sac......and sucked.

"FUCK!" Jon exploded. His whole body went rigid and black spots blurred his vision as he rode the wave of the most intense orgasm he'd ever experienced.....and waited to see if he'd survive it.

Brianna sat up and surveyed the results of her handiwork. "I think the fire burned out."

Jon snorted. "Not fucking likely. Not in this lifetime Golden Eyes."

Brianna chuckled and pointed across the room. "I meant in the fireplace." She pressed a kiss to his lips and released his hands. "And I need food!" Jumping off the bed, she headed for the bathroom - and the shower.

It took Jon a few minutes to gather enough strength to get up off the bed and tend to the fire. The sound of running water changed, signalling she'd turned on the shower. He considered joining her, but while his mind was game, his body needed a rest. Besides, he had two more days to get through, and if he was going to last, he needed to pace himself. He wasn't a teenager anymore.

By the time Brianna exited the bathroom wearing one of the plush robes and towelling her hair, Jon had the fire blazing again and was sitting on the end of the bed staring into the dancing flames. She didn't know whether to laugh or be concerned at his dazed expression. "Honey? You okay?"

"Hmm?" He glanced around and blinked when he saw her. "Oh, yeah. I'm fine. Just a little...."

"Drained?" She guessed with a grin and twinkling eyes. "Need a nap?"

A nap actually sounded like a great idea, but he refused to be that much of a cliché. Shaking his head, he stood. "Ha ha. No, I'm fine. Although I could really use a shower." He paused in the doorway. "Oh. I ordered dinner. It should be here soon."

When it arrived, Brianna helped the room service attendant set up their meal on the table and light the candles. Jon nodded his approval when he joined her and rushed to hold her chair for her. He checked to see if the champagne was still cold before opening the bottle and serving them both. Sitting down, he raised his glass. "Happy Valentine's Day Golden Eyes. Everyday I thank whatever force brought you into my life. I wouldn't have made it through the last two years without you. I love you."

"I love you too." She touched her glass to his and sipped, her eyes shining with emotion.

And the tone was set for their mini holiday. They ate.....and made love. They talked.....and made love. They tested out the Jacuzzi....and made love.

But neither one were teenagers anymore and even the healthiest libidos need rest. So, as they ate lunch, Brianna browsed through the lodge's list of activities. "They have sleigh rides."

Jon glanced up from his plate, amusement making his eyes twinkle. "Does that mean you want to take a ride?"

She shrugged. "Only if you want to. It might be nice to get some fresh air - and let the housekeeping staff clean the room. And the scenery out there looks beautiful."

He glanced around the room and had to agree. "Okay. That sounds like a good idea."

"I'll call the front desk and arrange it." Brianna stood and walked over to the phone.

Bundled up in sweaters, coats and boots, they stepped out the front door and looked around for the sleigh. They found it several yards away at the edge of the parking lot. The driver was checking the horses in the harness.

Shivering against the chilly air, Brianna pulled on her gloves. Jon zipped up his coat, stuffed his hands in his pockets and jutted his elbow out towards her, inviting her to take his arm.

Brianna couldn't stifle a snicker as she threaded her arm through his.

He raised a brow. "What?"

She shrugged and grinned. "This just reminded me of a scene from No Looking Back."

He frowned in thought as they strolled towards the waiting sleigh. "Which scene?"

"You and Lauren came out of the bar and started walking. You crooked your arm like that for her to take." She paused. "It was before you cried."

He grimaced. "Have you seen all my movies?" He knew she'd been a fan of the band before they'd met, but he didn't know if she was a fan of his. He'd never asked and she'd never offered the information.



"And what?"

"What did you think?"

"I think you were good."

"Which was your favourite?"



"You're going to laugh."

"Just tell me."

"You'll think I'm nuts."

"Bri, just tell me."

She sighed. "Los Muertos."

He snorted. "Really?"

"Yep. I love vampire movies." She slanted him a look. "You thought I was going to say The Leading Man didn't you?"

"Yeah." He admitted.

"As much as I enjoyed seeing your manly display, your character wasn't very nice."

"Not as dashing as a hunter of the undead huh?"

The sleigh driver's head turned towards them, his curiosity at that comment - the only one he'd heard - obvious.

Brianna winked at him before answering Jon. "Nope, but you can paint my house any day."

Jon laughed and helped her into the sleigh before climbing in behind her.

The driver - who introduced himself as George - showed them where the blankets and thermoses of hot chocolate were and made sure they were settled before picking up the reins and setting the horses in motion.

It was a very pleasant, but cold outing. Later, George would describe the  rockstar and his girlfriend to his wife as a down to earth, friendly and cozy couple whose affection for each other was obvious.

When they returned to the lodge, they were half frozen, but invigorated. Laughing, they stumbled into the lobby and hurried to their room where Jon rushed to get the fire blazing again.

Brianna hung up their coats and struggled to get out of her cold clothes. "I'm freezing!"

Jon stripped off his own icy clothes, pulled a blanket off the bed and tugged her down with him onto the fur rug in front of the fire. "I know a way to warm you up."

She laughed, but burrowed under the blanket with him and let him prove his boast.

Later, after they'd caught their breath, they were still cuddled together on the rug, watching the flickering flames. Brianna's head rested on his shoulder, her fingers toying idly with his chest hair. She sighed in contentment.

"Happy?" He kissed her head and trailed his fingers over her arm.

"Mmm. Very. I could get used to this."

"Used to this place? Or used to us like this?"

"Us." She answered honestly.

It was the opportunity he'd been looking for. "Then move in with me and we can make it happen." He held his breath and waited for her answer.

She was silent for so long he thought he was going to suffocate. "Move in with you." Her mind raced to sort out the jumble of thoughts and feelings those few simple words sent swirling through her.


"In what capacity?"

He frowned. "What do you mean?"

"Well, do you mean move into your house....or your bedroom?"

"Both." he held up a hand. "Now, before you start arguing that the kids aren't ready for that, you should know that Stephanie came to me and suggested it and Jesse said at Christmas how nice it was to come home and find you there. And you know the little ones love you."

She frowned at his smug tone. "Just because the kids think they'd be okay with it doesn't make it right." She paused. "I don't know Jon, I don't think it's a good idea yet."

"Why not? Because of what people might think or say?"

She shrugged.

"And I care about that why?" He frowned. "Or is this about what your father might say?"

"Maybe partly, but mostly I'm not sure we're ready for that yet."

"Well I know I am, so you must be talking about yourself. What is it you're not sure about? We love each other, you already spend a lot of time in my house anyway and you always seem to be comfortable there..."

"In the room across the hall, yes. Sharing your bed? Not so much."

"Why? You seem comfortable enough when we share your bed....or the one in the guest house."

"That's different."


"We weren't  flaunting the depth of our relationship in front of the kids....or anyone else.

"And us living together would be?"


Jon thought for a few moments, but was unable to grasp her meaning. "Sorry honey, you lost me."

"Living together.......wouldn't be the proper thing to do."

"That's your father talking." He rolled them until he had her trapped beneath him. "I much prefer the wanton I know is underneath the prim and proper exterior you show the rest of the world." Bracing his weight on his elbows, he brushed her hair back off her face. "Think about it Golden Eyes. No more running back and forth. No more packing and unpacking, carting clothes all over the tri-state area. You'd be right there if the kids needed anything. I try my best, but let's face it, sometimes they need a woman's touch." 

When she still didn't look convinced, he tried a different tack. "And don't forget the more....personal...benefits. There'd be more time for us. Less time apart. We could go to sleep and wake up together every day." He paused, eyes heating, and pushed his pelvis against hers, revealing his body's renewed interest. "And you can have this every day." He bent his head to lick and nibble her lips. "Just think about it."

Brianna still wasn't convinced, but she was going to enjoy his attempts to persuade her. After all, she wasn't a complete idiot.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Chapter 98

For long minutes Jon enjoyed the feel of her body moving against his, but his hands soon started roaming. His mind wanted to go slow and savour her. His cock told him it was wishful thinking.

When Jon's hands slipped under the hem of her sweater, Brianna shivered - from both the sensation of his calluses scraping her skin and the cool air of the room. She drew back. "Light the fire."

"It's already lit." He assured her, pulling her back and capturing her lips once more.

She chuckled and pushed at his chest. "I mean the one in the fireplace." Stepping away, she retrieved her suitcase and started for the bathroom. She paused in the doorway to glance back at him. "I have a surprise for you too."

He stared at the closed door for long moments, his lust fuelled imagination conjuring various visions of what her surprise might be, then he shook his head and rushed to complete his own preparations.

Crouching, he struck a match and set it to the newspaper and kindling in the fireplace. He waited just long enough to make sure the flames caught the wood, then stood and stripped off his clothes on his way to the bed. Next, he folded back the blankets and knelt in the middle of the bed. Checking his reflection in the mirror, he grinned. "Perfect."

He’d just gotten everything in place when the bathroom door opened. Glancing up, his chest tightened and his mouth went dry. "God you're beautiful."

"Thank you." Brianna smiled at his husky tone and approached the side of the bed, slender fingers toying with the belt of her kimono. "Do you want to open your Valentine's present now?"

"The only present I need is you."

"You're in luck then." Undoing the belt, she opened the kimono and let it fall off her shoulders to puddle on the floor.

His eyes widened and his breath seized. If he'd been standing he was pretty sure his knees would have collapsed. His cock went from half mast to rock hard in seconds. "Holy fuck!"

"Happy Valentine's Day. Do you like it?" The teddy she wore was not much more than a wide red ribbon running the length of her torso and across her chest. It fastened with a big bow between her breasts. She looked very much like a present waiting to be unwrapped.

"Like I like breathing Golden Eyes."  He swallowed heavily and shifted to sit on the side of the bed, motioning her forward. When she reached him, he took her hands in his and just drank in the vision in front of him.

Brianna's lips twitched. "Aren't you going to open it?"

"Mmmm. Just enjoying the anticipation." Releasing her, he lifted his hands to her shoulders and let them drift down, following her curves. "It's almost too pretty to open."

She shrugged. "Well, if you don't want what's inside....."

His eyes flew up to lock with hers. "Oh I want it. Never doubt that Golden Eyes. I want the whole package. Body, heart.....and soul. I love you."

She had to swallow and blink suddenly wet eyes before she could answer. The expression in his eyes as he said the words left her in no doubt of his sincerity. It was everything she'd hoped for. "I love you too."

He reached up to cup the back of her head as she bent to kiss him. It started out soft and gentle, but quickly grew ravenous. The bite of her nails in his shoulders reminded him of his plans and he drew back. His fingers caught the end of the ribbon and with one steady pull, undid the bow. He peeled back the sides baring her to his hot, greedy gaze.

With a shrug and a shimmy, the teddy joined the kimono at her feet. His eyes heated even more and his hands trembled slightly as they covered her breasts. He stroked and fondled for long minutes, enjoying the satin softness of her skin. But the lure of her stiffened nipples was too strong to resist for long. Urging her closer, he cupped her plump mounds, lifting the taut peaks towards his mouth.

At the touch of his tongue, Brianna sucked in a sharp breath. When his lips closed around her distended flesh, she shuddered and moaned softly, her hands rising to slide into his hair and pull him closer.

While his mouth tasted and teased, Jon's hands left her breasts to roam her body. Curving around her hips, he squeezed, luxuriating in her warm flesh. His exploration quickly brought him to her sultry core. Blunt fingertips traced her swollen folds before dipping inside.

"Oh!" Brianna gasped and moaned. Her hips rocked against his hand, driving him deeper. The dual stimulation of mouth and hand fanned the flames of her desire, sending it rocketing towards the point of no return.

But Jon pulled away before she got there. Ignoring her protest - and her pout - he moved to kneel in the middle of the bed and motioned for her to join him. When she did, he kissed her gently and twirled his finger. "Turn around."

Confused but game, Brianna turned. Their reflection in the mirror sent her heart racing. Her skin was flushed with her arousal, her nipples swollen and hard from his mouth, her eyes heavy lidded. She was the vision of a woman in the throws of passion.

As she watched, a strong arm slid around her waist, holding her steady while her knees were nudged further apart by his. He lifted and shifted until she was straddling his thighs as he sat on his heels behind her. Tilting her hips, he positioned himself at her entrance, then locked his gaze on the mirror and watched her reaction as he slowly filled her.

"Oh! Yes!" Brianna closed her eyes, overwhelmed by the sensations streaking through her body with the friction he was creating, hurtling her towards the peak.

Sensing she was close, Jon scraped her hair to one side and set his mouth to the slender column of her neck. His teeth closing on a tendon and the flexing of his hips, driving him deeper, were all it took to send her over the edge.

"Jon!" Her back arched and her hands flew out in search of something to hang onto to anchor her while spasms shook her body.

His arm tightened. "I've got you. I'll never let you fall."

As her tremors subsided, her body went limp against his. Jon took the opportunity to reach under a fold in the blankets to retrieve the items he'd hidden there earlier.

Focused on getting her breath back, Brianna didn't notice the silk scarf sliding around her wrists. It was only when she tried to lift her hand that she realized he'd tied them behind his back. The binding wasn't tight enough to hurt or hold her in an uncomfortable position, she just couldn't move her arms past her sides. Catching his gaze in the mirror, she raised a brow.

Jon grinned. "This way I can touch you and watch your reactions without you distracting me."

"I never realized you were such a voyeur."

He shrugged. "You're so responsive and so beautiful in the throws of passion I can't help but watch...and I can't look away." He nuzzled her neck and watched her eyes close as she savoured the sensation. "Mmmm. Just like that."

For long minutes Jon let his hands roam her torso while he watched her reactions. He nuzzled her neck and sucked her earlobe. "You are so beautiful. I love the feel of your silky soft skin." He cupped her breasts and lifted them, his thumbs rubbing the stiffening tips. "I love the way your nipples harden with the slightest touch. I love the way your body moves against mine." He shifted his hips, smiling when she echoed his movement. He inhaled deeply. "I love the way you smell." He sucked her earlobe again. "I love the way you taste." His hands smoothed down her torso to stroke the swollen lips surrounding his buried flesh. "I love the way your body holds mine.....welcomes mine." He locked his gaze with hers again. "But most of all, I love watching you come apart in my arms." Blue eyes twinkled. "Did you know your eyes glow when you come? My beautiful Golden Eyes."

He reached under the blankets again. Brianna could feel him fumbling with something behind her back, and her heart raced in anticipation of whatever he had planned. When his hands came back around her, she frowned in confusion at the gadgets attached to his forefingers. "What are those?"

Jon just grinned and waggled his eyebrows, cupped her breasts again and touched the gadgets to her nipples.

"Holy shit!" She gasped, her back arching.

He hissed as her body clenched around his and lifted his fingers. "Too much?"

She shook her head. The sensation was very intense, but she didn't want him to stop. "Finger vibrators?" The possibilities were mind-boggling....and tantalizing.

"Mmhmmm. I thought you might like it."

Like was one way to put it. It was like she'd put her finger in an electrical socket. Goosebumps formed on her skin and her nerves skittered in anticipation of his next touch. The look she gave him when their gazes met in the mirror was a clear challenge. She licked her lips and braced herself.

Okay Sweetheart, you asked for it. He set his fingers to her nipples again, rubbing in circles, grinning when she groaned and arched her back. But he was just getting started. Releasing her breasts, he slid his hands slowly down her torso. She gasped, her stomach quivering at the vibration. Gritting his teeth, Jon braced himself for her reaction when he reached further down and stroked the swollen folds surrounding his embedded shaft.

"Ooooh!" Brianna moaned softly and rocked into his hand, increasing the stimulation inside and out.

For long minutes Jon played, letting his hands drift over her body and watched the mirror as she writhed against him, grinning when she growled in frustration.

She reached back to slap his hip. "Stop teasing!"

Jon chuckled, and would have dragged out the torture, but the pressure building in his body warned him that playtime was quickly coming to an end. Determined to see her come apart first, he shifted his hands, setting one vibrator on a nipple, the other on her clit.

"Ooooh shit!" Brianna clenched her hands as shockwaves surged through her body. "Yes! JON!"

With her screams echoing like music in his ears, and without moving his hands, Jon bent her forward just enough to allow his hips room to thrust and grind against hers. Within minutes, her cries were drowned out by the roar of the blood in his ears as his own tidal wave hit and he erupted inside her.

He held her tight while they waited for the tremors to subside and their heart rates to slow down.

The continuing stimulations of the vibrators became too much and Brianna fought her bonds. "Jon, stop! Please!"

He struggled to focus. "What?"

She wiggled. "Turn them off!"

"Oh!" He removed the vibrators from his fingers. "Sorry."

He released her hands before withdrawing from her body and collapsing on the bed, his arm around her waist taking her with him.

They were asleep in seconds.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Chapter 97

"Honey? You ready? We're burning daylight!" Jon called as he opened the door to Brianna's apartment.

"Coming!" Brianna checked her lipstick in the mirror, grabbed her suitcase and headed for the door - and her impatient boyfriend. "A little eager are we?"

He slid his arms around her waist and pulled her against him. "To have you all to myself, no interruptions, for three whole days? You bet your ass I'm eager!"

With a husky chuckle, she let her arms creep up around his neck. "When you put it that way...." She touched her lips to his then pulled away. "Let's go!"

"Not so fast, tease." He pulled her back against him and capture her mouth with his for a thorough tasting. When her body relaxed and melted into his, he groaned and eased her back. "You're a brat!"

She just smiled, licked her tingling lips and reached into the closet for her coat. "Come on lover boy, you promised me a cozy room with a fireplace and a jacuzzi."

Holding her coat with one hand, he picked up her suitcase with the other. He paused only long enough for her to grab her purse before nudging her out the door.

The flight to Vermont seemed to take forever. Jon sat staring out the window, his knee jiggling restlessly. Brianna set her hand on it and squeezed. "You really are not good at waiting are you?"

He turned his head to look at her, his gaze drifting from her eyes to lock on her mouth. "Not for something that I really want."

The look in his eyes left no room for doubting what he meant. He covered her hand with his, laced their fingers together and raised them to his mouth where he kissed and nibbled on her delicate skin, blue eyes glinting as golden ones started to glow.

"You have a one track mind today." She watched his lips on her fingers, enjoying the sparks shooting up her arm and setting her stomach swirling again. "You're lethal."

"Baby, you ain't seen nothing yet. I have plans for you." He promised.

"Mmmm. Sounds intriguing." She murmured the words in his ear.

He turned his head enough to touch his lips to hers. "I promise you'll enjoy it."

Her tongue traced his bottom lip. "I'm going to hold you to that."

This time when their lips met neither one moved away. For long minutes they touched and tasted, not seeking to fan the flames of their ever present desire, only to enjoy the flavour and closeness of each other.

The pilot announcing their imminent landing broke them apart and they prepared to deplane. Inside the airport, the crowd around the car rental booth made Jon hesitate and reach for his sunglasses.

Guessing what the problem was, Brianna went into personal assistant mode. "I'll go. What name is it reserved under?"


Her eyebrows rose. "You used your own name? That was......brave of you. Not very smart, but brave."

He smiled wryly. "I didn't think there'd be this many people around."

"No wonder you need a personal assistant. You'd better go hide behind that newsstand."

"Brat." But he went.

Brianna approached the car rental counter, greeted the attendant and discreetly handed over her business card. Seeing the Bon Jovi Management name and logo, the attendant immediately glanced around rather hopefully. Unable to spot anyone worth getting excited about, she sighed and handed Brianna the rental agreement and the keys. "Just follow the signs to our parking lot. The slot number is on the keychain."

"Thank you." Brianna smiled and walked towards the exit, not glancing towards the newsstand at all. During the tour they'd gotten pretty good at sneaking Jon out of public places and she had no doubt he'd find her.

No sooner had the door closed behind her than he appeared at her side. "What took you so long? It's freezing out here!"

"I thought you were hiding inside."

"I was, but there were a bunch of girls eyeing me. I figured I was better off cold than take the chance of being recognized." He stopped beside the vehicle Brianna directed him to. "I love my fans, but I love you more." He leaned over to kiss her, ignoring her stunned expression. "This is our time." Loading their bags in the back, he held out his hand for the keys.

She'd gotten the words that she wanted. Not the way she'd expected, but maybe they meant all the more because of the causal way he said them. She'd have to think about that later. Regaining her wits and remembering a similar situation with Richie, she raised a brow. "Do you know how to get to the lodge?"

He pulled a brochure containing a map out of his pocket and handed it to her. "You navigate."

"Why can't I drive and you navigate?"

"Because if I don't have something to keep my hands busy I can't be held accountable for what may happen."

Brianna eyed him, tempted to take her chances. At his leer she snorted and handed over the keys. "I guess one of us has to have some self least until we get to the lodge."

"And then all bets are off." He agreed.

The lodge was what might be expected of the term 'lodge'. It wasn't as big as a hotel, more like an Inn. The outside looked like an oversized log cabin, the inside a beautiful mix of modern and rustic. The lobby had a large fireplace and several pieces of comfortable looking furniture focused around the cheery flames.

"This place is fantastic!" Brianna exclaimed. "How far in advance did you have to book it?"

Jon grinned sheepishly. "Actually we lucked out. They had a cancellation just before I called last month."

As he approached the desk, the clerk looked up, her professional smile froze for a second, then widened. "Oh! Mr. Bon Jovi! Welcome!"

"Thank you." Jon grit his teeth, but managed a smile while he pulled out his credit card.

Brianna turned away from the desk, pretending to take a closer look around the lobby, to hide her grin at the young woman's struggle to remain professional.  Accepting the key while Jon picked up the luggage, Brianna couldn't help but tease him as they walked down the hallway. "Look at it this way. At least she didn't have to ask her mother who you were."

He glowered at her. "Brat."

Chuckling, she opened the door to their room, stepped inside and gasped. "Oh Jon! It's fantastic!"

"Glad you like it." He had to admit, it looked pretty good.

It wasn't a suite, but it was a large room. The king size bed was covered in a multicoloured patchwork quilt and a mound of thick pillows. The opposite wall held the promised fireplace with a wooden mantle. Above the mantle was a large mirror that reflected the image of the bed. On one side of the hearth was a box filled with logs and a tube of long wooden matches. The fire was laid, but not lit. The hardwood floor was warmed by various throw rugs including a fake fur one in front of the fireplace. 

When she moved to investigate a door to the side of the bed, Brianna felt tugging on her shoulders. Realizing Jon was trying to take her coat, she shrugged it off and let him have it. The door proved to be the entrance to the bathroom. A glance inside revealed a marble vanity, the jacuzzi tub and a large glass doored shower stall. The white towels were thick and there were two robes hanging on the back of the door.

Another wall in the main room had a large window with a view of the snow covered mountains. In front of the window was a table flanked by two large thick stuffed chairs. On the table was a vase with a dozen red roses and a heart shaped box of chocolates. A bottle of champagne was chilling in a stand beside the table.

Brianna bent to smell the roses, straightened and surveyed the peaceful scene out the window. She sighed in contentment. When strong arms slid around her waist, she smiled and leaned back against him.

"So I did good?"

"Mmmm. You did very good. It's perfect." She turned in his arms and slid her hands up his chest to twine around his neck.

"Thank you." He grinned lazily at her. His hands drifted up to her hair, agile fingers searching for the pins holding it in place. He grunted in satisfaction when the heavy mass came tumbling down around her shoulders. "That's better. Don't know why you keep pinning it up."

"So that you can take it down." She shook her head, sending more pins flying.

He smoothed the silken strands back from her face, his fingers threading through her thick mane. "I love your hair."

"Mmmm." She let her head drop back in response to his gentle tugging. Her fingers did some combing of their own, sifting through his cool locks.

Taking advantage of her position, he dipped his head to kiss and nibble on her exposed neck. She shivered and arched her back, pressing her lower body tight to his.

But no matter how much she rubbed and whimpered, he didn't respond to her invitation.

She growled in frustration. "Jon!"

"Mmmm?" He murmured without lifting his lips from where they were currently nuzzling her neck.

She tugged his hair.

He chuckled. "Problem?"

"For someone who was acting like a horny teenager earlier you certainly are taking your time."

"For once we can take as much time as we want. I intend to go slow and enjoy every inch of you."

Brianna shivered, but didn't argue. However, she did give him a warning. "What's good for the gander is good for the goose, remember?"

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Chapter 96

Now Jon was even more determined to carve out a few days for some quality alone time with his girlfriend. He spent the next morning surfing the internet for suitable locations. He wanted someplace comfortable and secluded enough to discourage over eager fans, but civilized enough to have some interesting activities is they wanted to go out. It wasn't easy to find a place that met his criteria. Finding one that had an opening for a few days around Valentine's was even harder. Especially on short notice.

He finally found one that sounded  - and looked - perfect. In Vermont of all places, which virtually guaranteed at least a little anonymity. No one would expect him - Mr. Beach Bum - to be vacationing in a lodge in Vermont in February. But he really didn't care what the weather was like - he wasn't planning on leaving the room much. They had waited a long time to be able to spend a whole night together without kids interrupting or him having to leave earlier than he wanted to because he was needed at home. This was going to be three glorious days of doing.....whatever they wanted. And he had a whole list of things he wanted to do to her. While he recognized his physical limitations - he wasn't twenty anymore - that didn't mean he couldn't test those boundaries.

"Daddy! I hungy!"

His son's voice pulled him from his carnal planning and reminded him of the next step in his plan - find a babysitter. "Coming little man."

He spent most of the afternoon considering and discarding possible babysitters. Some were too far away, some the kids wouldn't like and some he didn't want to bother anymore than he already had. There's got to be someone. I can't miss this opportunity because I can't find a babysitter!

"Dad. Dad. DAD!" Stephanie had to yell to get his attention.


She waved the phone at him. "It's Aunt Linda."

"Thanks." He took the phone. "Hey Linda, how are you?"

"I'm fine. How's everything there?"

"All good."

"Jon.....I have a big favour to ask you."

"Sure, what do you need?"

"Donna's coming home for a few days and the family's all getting together. I wondered if the kids could come."


"February. Valetine's if you can believe it. Only someone truly homesick would visit New Jersey in February."

"Colorado in February isn't any better." Jon pointed out.

"I guess. I still think she's nuts for travelling then, but she insists. If it's okay with you, I'd like the kids to stay here with us. I'll make sure they get to school."

If she'd been there in person he would have kissed her. "That's fine with me."

They chatted for another few minutes. Hanging up, Jon did a fist pump. Yes! Now everything was set for his little get away. It had all come together rather easily.  A little too easily when he really thought about it. He wasn't one to believe in spirits or higher powers involving themselves in his life - he created his own luck. But just in case, he sent up a prayer of thanks.



"What did Aunt Linda have to say?"

"Aunt Donna's coming from Colorado for a visit in February and they're having a family get together. She wants you guys to stay with her for a few days."

"Do we get to miss school?" Jesse asked hopefully.

"No. Aunt Linda's going to take you and pick you up."

"Oh." Jesse sighed. 

Stephanie rolled her eyes and refocused her attention on her father. "Are you going to the party?"


"Then you should take a trip with Bri. Somewhere romantic."

More and more often Jon was surprised at how fast his daughter was maturing. He couldn't decide whether it was a good thing or not. But he couldn't prevent the grin curving his lips. "That's the plan."

Later that evening  after the little ones were in bed, Jon poured himself a glass of wine and settled into his favourite chair to call his girlfriend. "Hey honey, how are you feeling?"

"A little better thanks. I still have a fever, but my stomach seems to have settled."

"Good." He took a sip. "How does three days alone at a lodge in Vermont for Valentine's sound?" He'd debated keeping it a surprise, but he hadn't done very well in the surprise department where she was concerned and he figured he was safer to just tell her.

"Um......cold?" Her fever addled brain wasn't sure where he was going with this.

He chuckled. "By alone, I meant you and I alone together. The room has a fireplace and a jacuzzi." His voice deepened. "I won't let you get cold."

His tone had her stomach swirling again. "Do I even need to pack clothes?"

Several visions formed in his head while he considered her question. "Bring your kimono."

Brianna grinned. She had a few other items he might like too.

"So where's he taking you?" Lisa asked her sister-in-law.

"A lodge in Vermont." Brianna answered as she folded her kimono and laid it in her suitcase, trying not to drop the phone in the process.

"Vermont in February? I thought he was a beach bum not a snow bunny."

Brianna laughed, remembering the snow ball fight the month before. "Oh he knows how to have fun in the snow too." She assured her. "Plus, he said the room has a fireplace and a jacuzzi."

"Mmmm. Sounds romantic. I may have to rethink my opinion of him."

"Oh? What do you mean?" Brianna frowned.

"Well, after the whole inviting you parents without telling you fiasco I wasn't sure if he was totally insensitive or just incredibly stupid."

Despite agreeing with her sister-in-law at the time, Brianna found herself defending him. "His heart was in the right place, he just didn't realize how bad Father is. He thought he was doing a good thing by bringing the families together."

"So....stupid then."

"In that instance.....yes. But I don't think he'll make that mistake again."

"I hope not." Lisa paused. "Other than underestimating your father, does he treat you well?"

"Yes. Despite what you've seen, he is usually quite considerate of my feelings. I think at some level, losing his wife has made him more conscious of his partner's emotional state."

"I'm glad something good came out of that tragedy." Lisa shook her head sadly. "So Jon's coping okay?"

"Better than I ever anticipated." After a little tough love. "He's really stepped up with the kids. He has a cleaning lady and a cook that comes in several days a week when I'm not there, and of course his mother helps out, but he does the bulk of the children's caretakimg himself. Even Romeo's potty training."

"Wow!" Lisa was impressed. She wished she could see through the phone line to her sister-in-law's face, but the pride in her voice told a pretty clear story. "You love him. And more than that, you're in love with him."

Brianna sighed, but didn't deny it. "Yes."

"And does he feel the same way?"

"I think so."

Lisa frowned. "But you're not sure?"

The subject hadn't come up since she'd blurted it out in a feverish daze, and while she believed his 'ditto', she wanted the actual words and she wanted to see his face while he said them. She intended to make that happen over the next few days. "I will be after this trip."

"Go get him girl!" Lisa made a mental note to have a long conversation with Mr. Bongiovi very soon. Brianna hadn't had an easy life and wasn't as self confident as she appeared. She'd come a long way from the meek girl she was raised to be, but it wouldn't take much to deflate her hard fought for backbone and Lisa was determined to make sure that didn't happen.